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Biological Science Technician (Plants) - 0404 GS 6/7

Work for the National Park Service system. This job announcement is for multiple positions at different locations. Start and end dates, number of positions, and GS level could vary based on location.

  • Performs technician work that is supportive of professionals in resource management (i.e. Ecologists, Botanist etc.). These positions are primarily concerned with carrying out field studies on plants and plant ecology, inventorying, monitoring, and mapping plant populations; leading field crews in exotic plant eradication or revegetation work; conducting grazing and monitoring studies; developing improved methods of controlling weed and plant diseases; performing nursery work, seed collection, and similar work usually concerned with higher plant life. May also perform some forestry work concerned with monitoring, rehabilitation, reforestation, propagation, and/or thinning; monitoring hazard tree and disease programs; and monitoring and/or controlling disease and insect infestations. Specific duties will vary by park location.
  • Implements natural resource management projects following established procedures. Collects and organizes field data, ensuring quality control of data or collected samples. Provides assessment and classification of data.
  • Assists in the preparation of reports, plans, and guidelines related to resource management projects.
  • Provides logistical support for resource management projects as well as advice, assistance, and training to students, volunteers or lower graded technicians.
  • Uses a variety of computer programs to compile, reduce, store, retrieve, analyze, and report data and other resource management information. Uses a wide variety of specialized equipment to carry out resource management projects.
  • GS-7 position is distinguished from GS-6 in the following ways: assignments require that the incumbent have greater knowledge, experience, and judgment in order to complete a variety of conventional projects of relatively limited scope; independently resolve problems for which precedents exist; select, from several alternatives, the most appropriate course of action for planning and executing work; and apply a wide range of conventional methods and solutions to new situations. As a result, the position has a broader scope and effect; unlike lower-graded positions, this position directly affects the design, operation, and adequacy of natural resource activities.