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OTEAM Summer Orientation Leader and/or Fall FYS Mentor

OTEAM Student Leader and Peer Mentor Role

OTEAM is a group of undergraduate students who lead the summer orientation programs and serve as peer mentors the First Year Seminar courses during the fall semester. OTEAM peer mentors are among the first undergraduates new students and their support systems (family) meet when attending the IUPUI Orientation Program.  

 They must have positive attitudes and energy as they are working to continue recruiting students and their support systems (family) during the orientation program through course enrollment for the fall and in the first-year seminar in the fall semester.  

 Among their responsibilities, the OTEAM student leader is responsible to build the students’ sense of ‘fit’ on campus, including their sense of pride in the university, sense of belonging, self-confidence, understanding of services, and excitement regarding their decision to attend and stay at IUPUI.  

 The student leaders must be able to lead groups, connect with students individually, and communicate personally and professionally representing IUPUI’s information about academics, student services, and the college experience.  They must be able to thoughtfully care for the needs of the new students and their support system (family), anticipate their questions, and think critically when responding to ensure accuracy of the information they are providing.

 Student leaders work throughout the orientation program to share campus information about programs, services, and opportunities that students can look forward to as a new student on campus.  

 It is the role of the OTEAM to ensure students and their support systems (family) are satisfied with their service at orientation and/or guide them to the correct resources to resolve questions/concerns.  

 OTEAM leaders must successfully complete extensive training to be prepared to serve as front line representatives of the university.  

 OTEAM supports incoming students and their support system in their transition to IUPUI.  In this role, they must strive to provide the highest quality service. The success of our students’ transition is our success.

Position Requirements

  1. Must be a current undergraduate student in good standing at IUPUI
  2. Must earn and maintain a 2.5 GPA
  3. Possess positive communication and teamwork skills
  4. Be creative and have personal initiative and a strong work ethic
  5. Strong critical thinking skills
  6. Be able to work with a diverse group of people
  7. Demonstrate ability to work with students, families, faculty and staff
  8. Complete the Spring - 8 week class on UCOL U200 – Foundations for Student Leaders
  9. Complete a mentor education class each semester you mentor (UCOL U201-204)
  10. Complete the 80 hour OTEAM training program in May and another 40 hours in August =120 hours total
  11. Attend monthly meeting for ongoing training during the semester
  12. Work up to 40 hours a week between June – August
  13. Serve in and out of the classroom approximately 5 hours a week in September - December

 General Responsibilities

  1. Duties are highly technical and complex.
  2. Duties involve a significant degree of responsibility, judgment, and decision making.  OTEAM has the responsibility of critical response as well should situations arise as well, in the moment decision making within their scope of training and in the moment to assure a good experience for incoming students)
  3. Work is paraprofessional in nature. (hours of training and class in mentoring brings this position to the level of paraprofessional – OTEAM staff are trained in leading activities, group discussion and inclusion, content specific to campus resources for the purpose of relaying to incoming students, teamwork skills, practiced verbal skills, attention to details for each of their assigned group members, and assist the full-time staff by relaying questions, connecting students to resources and assuring a smooth transition to IUPUI)
  4. Work requires self-direction and autonomy, with little direct supervision. (when in their groups, and in FYS there are times of complete autonomy around interactions with students)
  5. May direct activities of other student employees, including groups of student employees and program management, such as planning, supervision, delegation, and performance management. (While not directing student employees- this is the direction of activities, supervision of their group, and coordinating next steps during summer orientation; but in the FYS they are more directing the students in activities, events, academic performance management to assist in the retention of students to IUPUI and the student success of each assigned to their FYS.)
  6. Confidently meet the needs of first year students (and families) through summer orientation experience and first year seminar course
  7. Serve as a strong and positive representative of the university to new students and family members during the orientation program and in the classroom
  8. Serve as a mentor to support students in the advising and course registration process
  9. Serve as a resource to connect students to academic, health, or financial professionals on campus
  10. Serve as a role model for campus involvement to help identify says to engage students and connect them socially
  11. Serve as a referral agent and guide to connect new students and their family members to the IUPUI programs, offices, and services
  12. Be prompt, prepared, and accountable for interactions all throughout the program and semester
  13. Conduct campus and housing tours as needed with accuracy and professionally
  14. Work with the Directors, Coordinators, and other Leaders to successfully facilitate new student, transfer, and guest orientation programs
  15. Actively participate in all related trainings, activities, and meetings 
  16. Complete all other duties and expectations as directed by the Directors and Coordinator as needed

Please submit a document with your choice of position to let us know which you would like to be considered for and if you are applying as a returning OTEAM member.

  • Fall First Year Seminar Mentor only (position August - December)
  • Summer Orientation Leader only (position May - August)
  • And/or  Fall FYS Mentor and Summer Orientation Leader (position May - December)
  • Are you applying as a Returner to OTEAM?


  • Students will express ideas and facts to others effectively in a variety of formats, particularly written, oral, and visual formats
  • Students will comprehend, interpret, and analyze ideas and facts
  • Students will effectively communicate with others to meet shared goals and self-reflect on progress both professionally and personally
  • Students will be able collaborate with others to apply, analyze, evaluate, and create knowledge to arrive at reasoned conclusions and inform decisions
  • Students will set goals and create a plan to achieve goals and self-reflect on progress both professionally and personally
  • Students will integrate and apply their knowledge by meeting professional standards and competencies