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Principal | Eagle Valley High School | 2023-24 School Year

Eagle Valley High School
SY 2023-24
BENEFITS: Health, Dental and Vision insurance, 21.40% employer contribution to your PERA retirement plan, paid holidays, paid leave, tuition reimbursement, free CMC credits, amongst others. For full time employees.
HIRING SALARY RANGE: $107,336 - $128,803 per year
POSITION SALARY RANGE: $107,336 - $161,004 per year
The principal is responsible for the administrative operations of the school as well as the instructional leadership, individual guidance and the school-wide facilitation of improving instructional effectiveness that will help lead to increased student achievement. The principal is also responsible for supervising staff in the school and overseeing professional development activities and district curricular programs. The principal is responsible for working effectively with community and parent patrons; building care, student activities and student discipline; development of school policies and procedures to ensure compliance with District, State and Federal educational policies.

SUPERVISED BY: Director of Elementary or Secondary Education

SUPERVISES: All licensed and classified employees in the school

  • Develops, implements and communicates the mission and vision of the District and the school to staff, students, parents and community members in ways that result in ownership.
  • Recognizes and monitors the effectiveness of school practices and their impact on student achievement and seeks new, innovative and well-researched programs for possible incorporation into the school/departmental/district programming.
  • Uses all information to address current problems and address anticipated problems and is aware of the dynamics of running a school and has a pulse on stakeholders.
  • Selects and recruits high quality, highly qualified and effective staff members in accordance with District procedures and school/district needs.
  • Ensures that the curricula in the school is being taught and assessed and is in alignment with district/state standards.
  • Implements strategies to promote a healthy school/district climate to maximize student/employee achievement and growth. Establishes positive relationships, is visible and has quality contact and interactions with teachers and students.
  • Utilizes feedback from Accreditation Review, Program Review, parent and community input and the Teacher Feedback Survey to increase the effectiveness of the processes in place surrounding student achievement and leadership.
  • Oversee cluster groups to ensure full participation by all group members, consensus building, personal growth of teachers, alignment of instruction to standards and the accomplishment of the group’s long and short range cluster goals.
  • Conducts observations, both formal and informal, in classrooms and/or work locations on a frequent and regular basis and points out specific strengths and weaknesses in the teacher’s instructional practices and/or in the employee’s job performance. Provides encouragement to staff to practice new instruction/work skills.
  • Monitors and supports the distribution of evaluation scores within the school and between evaluators. Holds master and mentor teachers accountable for time spent coaching.
  • Promotes the success of all students by facilitating and engaging in collaboration with families, community members and district staff. Responds to diverse community interests and needs by mobilizing community resources.
  • Develops and implements a school improvement plan and cluster long range plans focused on student achievement that are aligned with the District’s strategic plan, mission and vision through the analysis of student and school data,
  • Clearly demonstrates that she/he can effectively use available data from local, regional, and national sources/materials to support improved student achievement including but not limited to providing data for the completion of District, State and Federal reporting requirements.
  • Organizes and facilitates the meetings and work of the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT).
  • Functions as an integral and contributing member of the Administrative Team. Participates in professional organizations and activities at the district, state and national levels and the school accountability committee, district management committees and special project groups as needed.
  • Supervises and monitors the development and implementation of IEPs, ILP’s, and other support programs and learning plans in response to identified needs.
  • Develops, allocates, monitors and maintains a comprehensive school budget based on the available resources and district/school needs and goals.
  • Provides supervision for the maintenance and care of the school/district facilities, grounds and equipment to provide a safe and orderly environment.
  • Develops and implements an effective school marketing plan.
  • Communicates student achievement progress to all stakeholders.
  • Designs and implements an effective master school schedule that is consistent with district policy and procedures.
  • Communicates and monitors high standards and expectations for all students and staff and holds them accountable for success
  • Actively and professionally challenges the status quo, recognizing accomplishments and failures.
  • Perform other duties as needed or assigned.

All students, staff, parents, media, vendors and community representatives.

  • MA degree in Education or related field
  • Colorado Type D Certificate or Principal License
  • Relevant prior experience, including 5 years of successful teaching, administrative or equivalent leadership experience
  • Demonstrated effective problem solving skills
  • Knowledge of curriculum, assessment, models of instruction
  • Knowledge of Special Education and Second Language Acquisition regulations and strategies for services

* Analyzing
* Communicating
* Hearing
* Speaking
* Comparing
* Instructing
* Synthesizing
* Compiling
* Moderate lifting to 50 lbs
* Talking
* Coordinating
* Near and Far acuity
* Stooping
* Computing
* Negotiating
* Supervision of others
* Reaching