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Program Funds Manager

A Day in the Life:

  • Provides program oversight of the District’s funded capital program to ensure proper administration of each program based on their established policies and standard operating procedures, while ensuring compliance with state and federal eligibility requirements;
  • Programs projects in SPMS (State Project Management System) to obtain designation numbers for use in the project selection process, activates projects once funding is approved for a program year, and helps ensure that the integrity of SPMS data specific to each project is maintained;
  • Ensures Federally-funded projects are represented in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) accurately; 
  • Ensures STIP amendments and modifications are submitted timely following established procedures and protocols, ensures District Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) TIP amendments and modifications are submitted timely for state projects following the MPO’s established procedures and protocols, and assists in the development of a new 4-year TIP/STIP document as directed;
  • Attends monthly statewide scheduling and tracking meetings for District-managed projects to provide necessary information on the status of projects which affects the timing of project delivery and the availability of funds necessary to let the projects; 
  • Administers the District scheduling and tracking meetings; 
  • Monitors and keeps current the published 18-month letting list that represents the approved statewide program, as prioritized by the Capital Program Management Group, per the annual established lockdown date, subject to approved changes to the program;
  • Assists Project Managers in the implementation of the Capital Program Change Management Process, and assists the Capital Program Management team by monitoring the progress of applications through the process;
  • Provides necessary coordination with the INDOT Central Office, District Finance Divisions and the Capital Program Management Director on the status of the District-Managed program of projects;
  • Provides a monthly review of the approved budget, amounts programmed in SPMS, and the total PeopleSoft encumbrances and expenditures for the current year, coordinates the reconciliation of the District-Managed program to the budget, and assists with periodic program cost control activities and directives;
  • Develops reports as requested by District Deputy Commissioner, Executive Committees or Capital Program Management Director; and, 
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.