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CEA Program: Near-West Community Engagement Associate (Graduate student)

DUE is home to IEL which is sponsoring these types of positions across campus. This specific position is part of the Community Engagement Associates program in which students work in a specific department on campus to support campus and community engagement initiatives. You will see more information on the specific job and department below.

Overview of department:
Family, School and Neighborhood Engagement in the IUPUI Office of Community Engagement works with community partners and campus resources to support quality of life within the urban core. The FSNE team serves as the university/community liaison for mutually beneficial engagement and participatory community engaged research. The Near-West is one of the target neighborhood areas for engagement.

Project summary:
This position is now seeing graduate students. The CEA will work with Office of Community Engagement and Near-West representatives to build capacity to support neighborhood Quality of Life plan strategies including task forces, particularly the Education Task Force. This engagement serves as the university/neighborhoods conduit for mutual collaboration. It is an immersive community building role.

Specific tasks that the community engagement associate will complete: 
Duties of the position typically include the following:

  1. Support Near-West leadership team/IUPUI collaboration
  2. Engage with the Near-West Community Organizer and OCE representatives in support strategies and activities
  3. Support collective strategies to address the Quality of Life plans and goals
  4. Help to ensure reciprocity and mutual benefit for campus and neighborhood interests
  5. Assist with assessment of related activities for documentation and potential community engaged research purposes

Specific qualifications (knowledge, skills, class standing, etc) we desire the project coordinator to have:
  1. The ability to communicate verbally and in writing, collaboratively interact with multiple individuals and interests, gather data and analyze for assessment purposes, manage multiple projects simultaneously and implement a servant leader approach with diverse populations and interests

Learning objectives:
By the end of this position assignment, the student will meet the following learning objectives

  1. The CEA is able to name at least one civic issue and articulate how various societal systems and processes address this (and other) civic issues.
  2. The CEA values collaborating with others, especially those individuals representing diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, religions, lifestyles, and viewpoints.
  3. The CEA demonstrates empathy, openness, inclusiveness, and sensitivity when working with diverse others.
  4. The CEA feels a sense of responsibility and commitment to use the knowledge gained in their higher education experiences to serve others.