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Chief of Staff - Content Marketing

Company Description:
At AtomicVaults, we believe that investing should be accessible and affordable to all. Unfortunately the current financial system was built for hedge funds, not individual retail investors: today, 90% of traders get priced out from being able to buying the top-traded stock options (e.g. Amazon, Tesla, Google). Atomic Vaults is here to change that! We are the next-generation consumer trading app.

Atomic Vaults is backed by renowned investors including Founders Fund and Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

Our founding team consists of ex-Wall Street 2nd-time founders with deep expertise in trading and research. We are alumni from Point72 Asset Management, Jane Street, and Robinhood.

About Your Role:
Markets these days are absolutely fascinating— Why did $HOOD pop 4 days after IPO rather than day-of? Are there hidden arbitrage opportunities in the SPAC lifecycle? How does a global macro investor like Ray Dalio think about memes & reflexivity?
If questions like these keep you up at night, then you belong at Atomic Vaults!
As a technical marketing intern, you will gain a unique look into how the US financial system works on the inside and strengthen your financial-domain knowledge. You will work directly with the founders to:
a.    Publish weekly research reports and threads on social media (e.g. a deep-dive on the specialty pharma industry, an analysis on why some gaming startups reach unicorn status in 2 years while others flop, etc.)
b.    Launch a company podcast series featuring prominent financial celebrities from the high frequency trading world, crypto, VC, fintech unicorns, etc.
This is a high-autonomy, high-impact role.

-      Interest in financial economics & entrepreneurship
-      Majoring in Business, Finance, Financial Engineering, Economics, Econ-Math, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, or a related field
-      Huge bonus if you have prior internship experience in investment banking, investment management, trading, equity research, or financial journalism
-      Huge bonus if you trade stocks or options in your personal portfolio