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Business Technical Support Specialist

Business Technical Support Specialist
Level                           Pay Class 3     
Division / Department   IT / Business Technical Support
Reports to                   Business Technical Support Manager
Travel                          Minimal travel may be required if needed for training      
Description                  This group provides technical phone support for members and vendors with questions regarding member portal (, vendor portal, Retail Assistant / Retail Wizard, data communications, iPad applications and Datanet.           
  • Participate in phone support rotation / group receiving member and vendor calls.
  • Answer member and vendor call and email questions regarding portal applications including but not limited to the base site, catalog, claims, invoices, lumber and commodities catalogs, image search, market sites, Sneak Peek and bulletins. Maintain content in areas of responsibility.
  • Troubleshoot reported portal and application errors.
  • Provide full support and administration of the Retail Wizard / Retail Assistant program. Administer inventory control for applicable hardware. Oversee developmental enhancements. Support depot maintenance. Process rental billings. Maintain user documentation.
  • Support a variety of additional applications including but not limited iPad applications and Datanet.
  • Escalate calls to 2nd level PC/Web support, Infrastructure or the business users as appropriate.
  • Monitor 2nd level call alerts keeping users updated on issue status.
  • Assist UPC Coordinator, EDI Vendor Support, and Retail Technical support with assigned projects.
  • Execute discontinued member processes.
  • Generate management reports. Monitor assigned reports for errors.
  • Test new applications or modifications to the member and vendor portals.
  • Train and stay current on new applications and changes to the member portal, vendor portal and all supported applications as detailed above.
  • Utilize call tracking software for knowledge base and historical research.
Education and Experience
  • High School Degree
  • Experience with personal computers
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Knowledge of Internet communications
  • Experience with training/mentoring/coaching/helping others understand a process
  • Problem solving experience
  • Technical School education with area of concentration in Information Technology
  • Experience using Access databases
  • Experience using Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Experience providing phone support to end users
  • Application testing experience
Skills and Abilities
  • Good communications skills
  • Organized
  • Patience and calm demeanor
  • Testing / Quality assurance skills
  • Ability to speak to a group
  • Create and edit Microsoft word documents and excel spreadsheets
  • Excellent phone communication skills
  • Ability to juggle multiple open issues and prioritize for urgency
  • Ability to create and edit access database applications
Core Competencies 
1) Fluent in usage of the Do it Best Phone system (need to have this competency within the first 2 weeks)
  • Ability to:
  • Answer call
  • Put caller on hold
  • Transfer a caller
  • Retrieve a message
  • Fast forward a message
  • Forward a message
  • Save a message
  • Recall saved messages
  • Delete a message
  • Training
  • Review documentation on phone usage
  • Review process with mentor
  • Practice
2) Good familiarity with call tracking software (need to have this competency within the first 4 weeks)
  • Ability to
  • Enter a call
  • Attach an email
  • Lookup call
  • By call number
  • By user
  • Run report of open calls
  • By user
  • Run report of closed calls
  • By user
  • By date range
  • Update call status
  • Close a call
  • Transfer a call
  • Training
  • Review/study software user documentation
  • Question/review with mentor
  • Practice
3) Familiarity of supported applications (need to have this competency within the first 4 weeks)
  • Ability to
  • Receive member and vendor calls
  • Identify who would know answers to challenging questions
  • Answer navigational questions for member portal and vendor portal
  • Unlock vendor login to vendor portal
  • Talk a member through soft resets of retail assistant
  • Instruct a member on steps to load Retail Assistant software
  • Training
  • Review/study documentation
  • Using the test environments, practice using applications
  • Question/review with mentor
4) Track and maintain inventory control of Retail Assistant hardware (need to have this competency after the first 4 weeks)
  • Ability to
  • Obtain signed contract from member
  • Load, test, package and ship units to members
  • Record unit activity in spreadsheet / database
  • Troubleshoot issues with synchronization
  • Reorder / replenish units and supplies
  • Send units in for repair
  • Training
  • Learn and follow documented process
  • Experience as directed by mentor
4) Research, identify, and repair member order issues (need to have this competency after the first 4 weeks)
  • Ability to
  • Find member order in shopping cart or pending order
  • Determine if order has been sent / picked up by Do it Best Corp.
  • Explain reason order is in current state
  • Guide member through resolution
  • Training
  • Receive training from mentor
  • Practice with guidance
  • Attend Microsoft Access in house training