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Student Coordinator- Hire Achievers

Position Title: Student Coordinator – Hire Achievers
Organization: Division of Student Affairs
Department: Campus Recreation
Hourly Wage: $11.00
Schedule: 15 hours/week maximum
Duration: Fall 2021 – Spring 2022
Supervisor: Fitness Specialist

Hire Achievers Program Summary: This position is offered as a part of the Hire Achievers Program and aims to connect IUPUI undergraduate freshman and sophomores, with positions on-campus with faculty and staff in a variety of campus areas/programs. Positions start in August and end in May. Students in this program will be expected to participate in a variety of professional development learning modules in an online format throughout the year. Students who complete the entire year of the program and all of the learning modules will receive a certificate of completion and will be able to indicate their Hire Achievers experience on their IUPUI Experiential and Applied Learning Record. 

General Purpose:
The Campus Recreation Student lead is an all-encompassing position with responsibilities in the areas of facility operations, member experience, staff development, fitness instruction and data analytics. The role of the Campus Recreation Student lead is to assist in meeting the needs of IUPUI campus recreation members, operations and programs. Specifically, the Campus Recreation Student lead is responsible with assisting the Fitness Specialist with the day-to-day operations of fitness programming, facility operations and staff development.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
·        60% - Staff training and Orientations
  • Aid in the research, development and teaching of continuing education topics for fitness staff
  • Oversee new member orientations for fitness equipment located in The Jag
  • Assist in the hiring and on-boarding of new campus recreation student employees

  • 30% - Data Management
  • Assist with recording and analyze group exercise participation data
  • Assist with recording and analyze cardiovascular equipment usage data
  • Assist with recording and analyze fitness center usage data

  • 10% - Communications
  • Help identify communication needs for current active campus recreation members
  • Aid in identifying social media initiatives for fitness programs
  • Engage with students and campus community as a representative of our unit through campus events, tabling, etc.

Required Qualifications:
·        Candidates must be in freshman or sophomore standing
·        Candidates must have federal work-study funds
·        Must be reliable and able to manage time to work on multiple projects at once
·        Able to work independently and on a team
·        Strong communication and organization skills
Preferred Qualifications:
·        Candidates must display a passion for health and fitness
·        Candidates must display an eagerness to learn and work with others
·        Candidates enrolled in Exercise Science undergraduate/graduate program strongly preferred
·        Ability to lift 45 pounds
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Gained in this Role:
As a result of employment, the team member will be able to demonstrate each of the IUPUI Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success (IUPUI+). Below are specific sample learning outcomes based on the IUPUI+.

Profile 1: Communicator
The IUPUI Student conveys ideas effective and ethically in oral, written, and visual forms across public, private, interpersonal, and team settings, using face-to-face and mediated channels. Communicators are mindful of themselves and others, listen, observe, and read thoughtfully, ask questions, evaluate information critically, create messages that demonstrate awareness of diverse audiences, and collaborate with others and across cultures to build relationships. Campus Recreation Student Lead display qualities of a Communicator by/though:
·        Evaluating information, programs and systems
·        Conveying ideas effectively

Profile 2: Problem Solver
The IUPUI Student works individually and with others to collect, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information to implement innovative solutions to challenging local and global problems. Campus Recreation Student Lead display qualities of a Problem Solver by/through:
·        Evaluate programs to understand what can be improved
·        Aid in creation and design of programs and events

Profile 3: Innovator
The IUPUI Student builds on experiences and disciplinary expertise to approach new situations and circumstances in original ways, is willing to take risks with ideas, and pose solutions. Innovators are original in their thoughts and ask others to view a situation or practice in a new way. Innovators are good decision makers, can create a plan to achieve their goals, and can carry out that plan to its completion. Innovators use their knowledge and skills to address complex problems in order to make a difference in the civic life of communities, and to address the world’s most pressing and enduring issues. Campus Recreation Student Lead demonstrate qualities of an Innovator by/through:
·        Adapt to new situations that are presented daily
Profile 4: Community Contributor
The IUPUI Student is an active and valued contributor on the campus and in communities locally and globally. They are personally responsible, self-aware, civically engaged, and they look outward to understand the needs of the society and their environment. They are socially responsible, ethically oriented, and actively engaged in the work of building strong and inclusive communities, both local and global. Campus Recreation Student Lead display qualities of a Community Contributor by/through:
·        Aid in the promotion of campus recreation programs and fitness to members
·        Aid with continuing education meetings developed for fitness staff