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Assistant Teacher Intern

Near IUPUI Campus: Federal Work-Study Eligibility

This position is limited to candidates with a Federal Work-Study award. To verify you have a Federal Work-Study award, please go to your Account -Student Center- Financials- Financial Aid Summary. If you have an award, it will be listed with the rest of your financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, etc.). You may also email the Office of Student Financial Services at to inquire about eligibility.

General Purpose of Position:
The goal of this role is to work alongside early learners and their families to provide an inclusive and academically rigorous early education experience.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:
 1. Care Space Duties Equally shared among ALL Care Space Staff completed Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or As Needed Basis
   2. Maintain all required classroom recordkeeping, child reports and assessments, and monthly professional development training
   3. Maintain a calm, organized, structured, stimulating, nurturing environment where children are cared for, thrive, learn and play
   4. Maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for children in care; monitor children’s health; and report any suspected abuse
   5. Maintain compliance of all governing policies, standards and regulations for C3, FSSA licensing, and accreditation
   6. Maintain confidentiality with families (per direction of Lead Staff); and with other staff members
   7. Maintain open communication with children, families (per direction of Lead Staff), classroom staff, and other staff members
   8. Provide daily implementation of the assigned schedule, lesson plans, and activities to promote individual child goal progression
   9. Provide direct engagement and interaction that supports emotional, social, physical and cognitive development
   10. Provide loving care and education to all children in care and establish routines that promote and encourage positive guidance
   11. Provide positive guidance, establish predictable routines, and implement positive, affirming discipline techniques as necessary
   12. Provide quality supervision, both sight and sound, with children continuously throughout the day while maintaining ratios
   13. Additional duties as deemed necessary to maintain the overall success of Charity Cares Early Academy

Charity Cares Early Academy operates within the confines of all agency, local, state and nationally established policies.
   1. A Child Development Associate (CDA) credential, Technical Certificate (18 credit or more) or an Associate in Early Childhood Education is preferred; however, candidates with prior documented experience in early childhood, child development, elementary education, fine arts, technology, and human/social services are encouraged to apply as well
   2. Complete a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education or 3 related college credits on an annual basis
   3. Ability, competence and knowledge to implement all facility program rules and regulation
   4. Respect and love for children and their families
   5. Disposition to work positively with others

IUPUI Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success Gained:
 Communicator The ability to evaluate information, be an active listener, build relationships, and convey ideas effectively.
   Innovator The ability to research thoroughly and report best findings, create documents/resources, confront challenges in a positive manner, and be able to independently make decisions.
   Problem Solver The ability to think logically, collaborate with students, faculty, and staff, and be able to analyze and evaluate information.
   Community Contributor The ability to show respect and engage with own and other cultural backgrounds, behave ethically and protect confidential/sensitive information at all times, and help to build a community between the faculty and students.