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The peer advisor is a student-held paraprofessional position. The peer advisors report to two professional academic advisors within the department. The main purpose of this position is to advise a diverse student body of School of Health & Human Sciences majors with directives in the following four impact areas:  
1) improving SHHS student engagement
2) career and internship support
3) academic advising support, and
4) retention efforts

Peer advisors will help students’ build academic and career planning confidence, knowledge about their degree program and career options, and to assist in the creation of an action plan to carry out their academic and career goals. Much of the 2021-2022 focus will be centered around rebuilding the SHHS undergraduate student community through special initiatives, such as event planning and execution, collaboration with campus resource professionals, and leading workshops.  


Advise and teach students one-on-one 
  • Teach students to use academic advising tools
  • Advise students on course planning and balancing loads
  • Provide resources, guidance and feedback on resumes, cover letters and curriculum vitae
  • Provide resources on interviewing and conduct mock interviews (both Informational and Job Interviews)
  • Teach students why and how to “graduate with experience”
  • Provide information on the graduate/professional school application process (GRE/entrance exam, developing personal statements, finding schools, letters of recommendation, qualifications needed)
  • Teach networking (face-to-face and online) techniques

Teach in groups
  • Prepare and conduct educational informational session or workshop for peers as assigned
  • Facilitating brown bag series for undergraduate population on various topics, specifically including diversity and mental health awareness
  • Assisting with Orientation presentations

Networking and Marketing
  • Maintain learning management & social media content (Canvas, Instagram, etc.)
  • Develop and maintain relationships with student organizations and other career related campus services
  • Engage with faculty on building community and alumni career connections
  • Work as a team with other peer advisors

  • Receive and respond to e-mail messages and telephone calls in the SHHS Advising office 
  • Track and document contact with students 
  • Write log entries for each shift
  • Refer and scheduling appointments with staff/faculty advisors when appropriate
  • Special projects as assigned

● Admitted to the School of Health & Human Sciences for at least one full semester
● Junior or Senior class status
● Minimum GPA of 2.5
● Knowledge of IUPUI and SHHS
● Excellent interpersonal skills

Communicator: The IUPUI student will evaluate information, listen actively, build relationships, and convey ideas effectively. Communicators convey their ideas effectively and ethically in oral, written, and visual forms across multiple settings, using face-to-face and mediated channels. Communicators are mindful of themselves and others, observe, read thoughtfully, listen actively, ask questions, create messages with an awareness of diverse audiences, and collaborate with others and across cultures to build relationships.

Problem Solver: The IUPUI student will think critically, collaborate, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and persevere. Problem solvers work individually and with others to collect, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information to implement innovative solutions to challenging local and global problems. 

Innovator: The IUPUI student will investigate, create/design, confront challenges, and make decisions. Innovators build on experiences and disciplinary expertise to approach new situations and circumstances in original ways, are willing to take risks with ideas, and pose solutions. Innovators are original in their thoughts and ask others to view a situation or practice in a new way. Innovators are good decision makers, can create a plan to achieve their goals, and can carry out that plan to its completion. Innovators use their knowledge and skills to address complex problems to make a difference in the civic life of communities and to address the world’s most pressing and enduring issues.

Community Contributor: The IUPUI student will build community, respectfully engage their own and other cultures, behave ethically, and anticipate consequences. Community contributors are active and valued on the campus and in communities locally and globally. They are personally responsible, self-aware, civically engaged, and look outward to understand the needs of society and their environment. They are socially responsible, ethically oriented, and actively engaged in the work of building strong and inclusive communities, both local and global.