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IPS SITE Program Support Staff

General Purpose of Position:
Work-Study Support Staff work with students enrolled in the IPS-IUPUI SITE program.
   IPS-IUPUI SITE is a 1-2 year transition education program provided in partnership between Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) and IUPUI.
   The IPS-IUPUI SITE Program has 2 lead teachers, a job coach and instructional assistant. Work-Study Support Staff will work with all SITE staff, in addition to all 16 SITE students.
   This partnership enables students with intellectual disabilities who earn a COC from area high schools the chance to experience college campus life and all it has to offer – classes, social life, new friendships, recreational activities, career preparation, self-reliance, and overall personal growth.
   Relocating to the adult environment of an urban college campus provides broader, richer learning opportunities. As with all college students, IPS-IUPUI SITE students enjoy a new status with greater freedom, accompanied by expectations of safety, accountability and personal responsibility.
   SITE students are between the ages of 18 to 22. They have completed at least four years in a traditional Indianapolis Public Schools special education program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
   75% -Provide students support on campus as they audit classes, pursue goals, and develop skills. (These hours of support are determined around work-study student classes).
    -Assist students with time management and learning how to follow their schedule.
    -Spend time with SITE lead teachers to become familiar with the resources, training and materials in order to ensure preparedness to meet the needs of SITE students.
    -Lead, support and facilitate SITE clubs, committees, presentations and social activities on campus.
    -Communicate daily via text, email and phone calls with each SITE student and support staff.
    -Participate in weekly meetings with SITE staff – both formally and informally – to assess student progress and discuss issues from the day/week.
   20% -Create a variety of individualized and group instructional materials for SITE clubs (Music, Art, Game Club, etc.), create weekly powerpoints and other materials needed for SITE staff.
   5%- Record and collect weekly student data to Google drive, fill out documents related to student growth and progress every 9 weeks and per semester.
Required Qualifications:
   -respectful of all learners
   -excellent time management skills
   -great attendance
   -enjoys working with people
   -excellent communication skills – both verbal and written
   - available 12 to 20 hours a week between 9:30am and 3:30pm when students are on campus and receiving instruction.

Preferred Qualifications:
 -comfort with technology, Google drive and other platforms
   -ability to use Microsoft office – Word, Powerpoint, Excel – can create materials to be used for teaching
   -ability to lead small groups and work with adults with disabilities 1:1

IUPUI Profiles of Undergraduate Success Learning Outcomes Gained:
Communicator- The ability to evaluate information, be an active listener, build relationships, and convey ideas effectively.
   Innovator- The ability to research thoroughly and report best findings, create documents/resources, confront challenges in a positive manner, and be able to independently make decisions.

This position is limited to candidates with a Federal Work-Study award. To verify you have a Federal Work-Study award, please go to your Account -Student Center- Financials- Financial Aid Summary. If you have an award, it will be listed with the rest of your financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, etc.). You may also email the Office of Student Financial Services at to inquire about eligibility.