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Nursery Care Provider

Position: Nursery Care Provider
Classifications: part-time, non-exempt
Hours: 3 hours/week, Sunday morning availability required
Supervisor: Interim nursery coordinator and director of children & family ministries
Hourly range: $9.50/hour (starting rate under 18); $11/hour (starting rate over 18)

To serve as a child care provider to children 5 and under.

The nursery care providers report to the director of children and family ministries.
Currently, we have an interim nursery care coordinator who supervises this role. This
position interacts with parents, volunteers, and other staff members.

● Taking care of children ages 5 and under
● Maintaining a safe and positive space for children by:
○ Cleaning toys at the end of each church service
○ Playing and interacting with the children
○ Engaging in age-appropriate activities
● Keeping records of each child’s progress, problems, and any important events
that may occur including:
○ Eating or drinking food (If needed)
○ Using the restroom, and require a diaper change
○ Falling asleep and waking up
○ Behavioral Occurrences
● Staying in communication with supervisor or parents (If requested or needed)
● Holding a child for long/short periods of time
● Wearing a mask at all times in the workspace
● Interacting and talking to parents before and after pickup

Eligibility for this position requires that the person have already demonstrated the following:
● An understanding of how to maintain good hygiene for children including
○ Using a diaper changing station
● Having a caring and compassionate attitude when interacting and playing with
children, as well as in the workplace.
● Maintaining strong patience and stamina when working with children especially
with toddlers and infants.
● Being able to multitask and keep up with multiple children.
● Providing verbal communication amongst co-works and supervisors
● Can work well with coworkers and work together as a team
● Must be available for Sunday mornings from 9-30 to 12-30.

● Previous childcare experience
● High School Diploma Recommended
● Worked with infants and/or toddlers