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Sales Analyst Intern

The role of the Sales Analyst Intern is to gather and analyze data to assist in creating proposals for new client opportunities. The successful Sales Analyst Intern will compile customer provided information that is typically received in various formats and deliver recommendations to internal stakeholders for opportunities to create an efficient waste and recycling program at a perspective client location. Frequently the customer provided data is incomplete, requiring the Sales Analyst Intern to have a strong understanding of business operations and expertly utilize proprietary tools to complete an analysis.  
Duties and responsibilities  
  • Collects, extracts, processes, and analyzes available data from multiple sources.
  • Creates insightful reports that assist in determining sales potential and provide recommendations. 
  • Collaborates with management to establish new opportunity qualification metrics. 
  • Works with internal team to create deliverables necessary for client presentations, such as maps of client sites, educational materials, and client portal mock-ups.
  • Creates, develops, and maintains sales forecasting tools. 
  • Establishes sales forecasting accuracy metrics with management and provides quarterly performance reports.
  • Assists with sales pipeline management and prioritization of opportunities. 
  • Provides support in preparing financial projections and various proposals for prospective clients.
  • Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, Finance, or related field. 
  • Excel intermediate skills are required. Position will be working with multiple formulas over multiple spreadsheets daily, with knowledge of Sum, Sumif, VLookup, and many other Excel formulas.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to be trained on sales and company operations.
  • Ability to consistently analyze large data sets over multiple time periods, while multi-tasking and prioritizing immediate business needs. 
  • Strong written and oral communication skills are required. Position interacts with multiple departments, including Account Management, Field Operations, Fleet, and company leadership. 
  • Must possess strong analytical skills to translate given information into useful, quantifiable data.