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Laboratory Technician Assistant

Chemistry Laboratory Assistant Position Details:
This position is a work-study aid-based position in which a student eligible will work for the Chemistry Department under the guidance and supervision of the Chemistry Laboratory Technologist.

The position will require an average of 8-10 hours per week of time which is flexible and set around the student’s existing schedule.
The position requires completion of C344 with a passing grade as well.
Optional qualifications include teaching assistant experience in a chemistry course, and prior work experience in any setting.
To succeed in this position, applicants must be capable of communicating with their superiors and peers, can think critically and ask for help if problems arise, be able to maintain a good level of organization both with notes and with time.
An individual who has a positive attitude, willingness to learn, would be preferred.
This position would be for the day, with hours of availability being from 7 am to 4 pm.

Learning outcomes:
In this position, students will form a greater understanding of preparatory chemistry, and various chemistry-based skills and materials. They will hone their communication skills with superiors and peers, as well as their ability to work independently with some guidance. They will perform chemistry techniques with supervision that will be used to create material for the student teaching labs. They will use their current chemistry understanding to perform equations used for preparation, and to prepare the lab materials correctly for students. They will hone their organization and planning skills through helping to maintain the student lab rooms, and stock material spaces. Building these skills and understandings will allow the student furthered success in a laboratory setting, academic or professional.

In this position, responsibilities include:
Maintaining basic laboratory safety,
Helping the Laboratory Technologist with preparation and removal of experimental chemicals and materials from student labs,
Assisting in updating the lab’s inventory list of chemicals and consumables,
Creating stock solutions under the supervision of the Laboratory Technologist,
Performing spot-cleaning of the student labs as needed,
Assisting the Laboratory Technologist with replacement or exchange of items in lab drawers for student use at the beginning and end of each semester,
Other tasks as required.