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Graduate Student Employee (Health & Wellness Promotion)

Average Hours/Week: 20 hours/week
Position Dates: Approximately August 16, 2021 through May 8, 2022; renewable after year 1
Supervisor: Ryan Anderson, Health and Wellness Specialist

Unit Description:
The Office of Health and Wellness Promotion is a unit within the Division of Student Affairs that serves to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and confidence of students to create an environment that supports making healthy and responsible choices. Some of our signature initiatives involve outreach presentations and events, Peer Health Educators, Sexual Health, Alcohol & Other Drug Education, Eight Dimensions of Wellness, and Collegiate Recovery Community.
General Purpose:
The Graduate Student Employee is an essential student employee role that supports the Office of Health and Wellness Promotion to enhance the health and well-being of IUPUI students through the achievement of learning outcomes and health behavior outcomes. Specifically, the Graduate Student Employee supports education and outreach initiatives for health and wellness topics, program evaluation, data entry and other administrative functions. The Graduate Student Employee works closely with professional staff, collaborates with peers, and supervises program volunteers as needed. The Graduate Student Employee completes the work within the Office of Health and Wellness Promotion, and across campus and in the community when necessary.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
The below breakdown of essential duties and responsibilities of the Graduate Student Employee also include applicable learning outcomes corresponding to IUPUI+ Learning Profiles.

Program Administration Related to Outreach

·        Monitor and respond to office email account, including program sign ups, presentation requests, and general information requests.
·        Schedule presentation facilitators and communicate with requestors.
·        Schedule volunteer shifts for outreach events.
·        Maintain and streamline administrative processes, including creating and monitoring online registration forms, collection of tracking sheets, data collection, and database management.
·        Prepare materials for outreach events, and restock items returning from outreach events.
·        Facilitate classroom presentations on health and wellness topics.
·        Contribute to various campus health initiatives, special events, and related programming efforts.
·        Produce reports using outreach data, survey data, and evaluation metrics.

Assist with Student Employee Training and Development
·        Update and facilitate undergraduate student employee onboarding training
·        Plan and facilitate monthly student employee group cohesion professional development experiences
·        Assist the Assistant Director with the training of Peer Educators including professional skills and leadership development
·        Participate in the fall and spring recruitment and selection of Peer Educators
Plan and Implement Health and Wellness Outreach Campaign
·        Propose, create, schedule, implement, and evaluate a large scale campus awareness campaign on a health and wellness topic
·        Measure program effectiveness using process and outcome measures
·        Work with the Health Promotion Specialist to market and promote a large scale wellness campaign

Minimum Qualifications

·        Knowledge of and commitment to a holistic approach to wellness and health, including: alcohol and other drug use/abuse, sexual assault prevention, sexual health, stress management, mental health, nutrition/fitness, etc.
·        Ability to work independently in deadline-sensitive environment and consult when appropriate.
·        Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
·        Skills in multi-tasking, organization, and prioritization of project tasks.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Gained in this Role:
As a result of employment, the team member will be able to demonstrate each of the IUPUI+ Learning Profiles. Below are example learning outcomes students should expect to develop during the course of employment with Health and Wellness Promotion.

Profile 1: Communicator
The IUPUI student conveys ideas effectively and ethically in oral, written, and visual forms across public, private, interpersonal, and team settings, using face- to-face and mediated channels. Communicators are mindful of themselves and others, listen, observe, and read thoughtfully, ask questions, evaluate information critically, create messages that demonstrate awareness of diverse audiences, and collaborate with others and across cultures to build relationships. The communicator:
·        Demonstrates active listening skills when working with co-corkers and meeting with students
·        Complete self-reflections and organize thoughts and feedback for staff meetings
·        Engage others respectfully and present information clearly in classroom presentations and at resource tables

Profile 2: Problem Solver
The IUPUI student works individually and with others to collect, analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information to implement innovative solutions to challenging local and global problems. The problem solver:
·        Draws on understanding of health promotion to develop creative and engaging program ideas
·        Modifies program elements based on evaluation responses and makes recommendations to staff members
·        Collaborate on group projects with Peer Health Educators and Program Assistants
·        Identifies connection between health interventions and broader public health priorities

Profile 3: Innovator
The IUPUI student builds on experiences and disciplinary expertise to approach new situations and circumstances in original ways, is willing to take risks with ideas, and pose solutions. Innovators are original in their thoughts and ask others to view a situation or practice in a new way. Innovators are good decision makers, can create a plan to achieve their goals, and can carry out that plan to its completion. Innovators use their knowledge and skills to address complex problems in order to make a difference in the civic life of communities, and to address the world’s most pressing and enduring issues. The innovator:
·        Creates benchmarking reports after investigating best practices in health promotion
·        Identifies underlying factors for broader health behaviors, and uses knowledge to inform program decisions
·        Identifies connection between health interventions and broader public health priorities

Profile 4: Community Contributor
The IUPUI student is an active and valued contributor on the campus and in communities locally and globally. They are personally responsible, self-aware, civically engaged and they look outward to understand the needs of the society and their environment. They are socially responsible, ethically oriented, and actively engaged in the work of building strong and inclusive communities, both local and global. The community contributor:
·        Leads grassroots awareness campaigns, recruits volunteers, plans strategies, and leads vocally
·        Hosts community resource tables with sign-up sheets, awareness pledges, and stigma reduction campaigns