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Polis Center Social Media Content Coordinator

The Polis Center at IUPUI is seeking a highly-motivated and curious individual with a talent for digital communications to coordinate social media initiatives for The Polis Center and its SAVI accounts. The individual will work approximately 15-20 hours per week. Our websites are: and and social media platforms include (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube).
·        Must have basic understanding of communication and marketing practices and advanced knowledge of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube). Students majoring in public relations, journalism, communications, and/or marketing preferred.
·        Must have good writing and editing ability with strong research skills
·        Must be proficient in MS Office applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
·        Proven ability to think creatively and “outside the box”
·        Working knowledge of search engine keywords and optimization
·        Must be dependable, creative, and take initiative
Primary Responsibilities
·        Develop content for social media platforms and blog (News) to help expand digital visibility and reach, grow digital audiences and engage new followers, and contribute toward online community development
·        Attend and participate in project and brainstorming sessions as directed
·        Regularly monitor and engage in social media activity using dashboards like Hootsuite
·        Prepare and present social media analytics report to measure results against objectives

·        Identifying organization data and information needs
·        Providing reliable, up-to-date facts about social, economic, and physical conditions of communities in Central Indiana and the Indianapolis Metro Area
·        Helping organizations interpret this information and use it for more effective decision-making, proposal writing, storytelling, and identifying gaps in service

Preferred Start Date: May 10, 2021
The Polis Center is engaged in ground-breaking work in a variety of activities important to Indiana communities and beyond, collaborating to create innovative place-based solutions that lead to healthier and more resilient communities. It does this by creating actionable information, developing creative partnerships, doing place-based research, and employing technology effectively to enhance the capacity of communities to respond meaningfully to change. The Polis Center often serves as the nexus among diverse community-based organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, arts and cultural organizations, businesses, charitable endowments, and faith-based organizations. It is committed to linking university and community expertise and to the smart use of advanced technologies to help solve problems and help communities take advantage of opportunities. Geospatial technologies, especially GIS, are its preferred technical tools because of their unique ability to integrate and visualize information by location. The Polis Center uses these tools to develop and analyze data for communities and then involve local experts and residents in helping to understand what the results mean. In doing so, it helps communities develop practical solutions for the issues that concern them.

The Polis Center is a unit of the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI. It was established in 1989 to link two types of expertise—academic and practical—for the benefit of communities in Indiana and elsewhere. The Center specializes in providing place-based research tools to transform data into usable information for more effective local decision-making. The Polis Center also offers the SAVI online tool -- the nation’s largest community information system ( -- to help nonprofits, academia, government, and health organizations assess trends and conditions, identify service gaps, and better target areas of concern based on the social, economic and other demographic realities in more than 2,000 Central Indiana communities. The Polis Center is deeply committed to the development of partnerships and the practical use of advanced technologies. Its collaborative and entrepreneurial nature results in a unique and diverse range of applied projects to strengthen communities in Indiana and beyond.

To apply: Send a resume, cover letter, and three writing samples to Allegra East at

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